Solar Sheds

For many reasons, people would prefer not to have solar panels on the roof of their house. It may be because of shading elements that would reduce output, the building may be listed or in a conservation area, or because you feel it is just plain and simply wrong to change the look of the house.

Multi functional Solar Sheds

Our range of Bespoke Solar Sheds have evolved through consultation with customers looking for something a little different. Outstanding craftsmanship, handcrafted and built to personal specification, our Solar Sheds serve many a purpose.

Other uses for your Solar Shed

Garden rooms, fuel stores, car ports, in fact a Solar Shed can be whatever you want it to be.

We have a fully fitted Solar Shed where customers can come and discuss individual needs and see for themselves the range of options available.

Imagine a solar shed at the bottom of the garden, harvesting the power of the sun.

A Shed that collects rain-water that falls from the panels for use in the garden or washing the car

A Shed that doubles up as a wood store so not only does it generate energy, it stores it as well.

It could also house your household recycling centre and work area for making fuel logs and potting up?

A bespoke Solar Shed is the modern day Anderson Shelter, because today’s risks are very different.

The Future is upon us, are you prepared?

Please contact us to arrange consultation for your own Solar Shed.

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