Thermal Solar

Domestic hot water is a basic human need and what better way than having Mother Nature provide it for you.

Harnessing the suns energy for hot water is not a new concept. The Romans built an empire by moving hot water around their cities. Modern technology however now allows you to harness the power of the sun for your own domestic use.

Thermal panels for hot water heating

The Solar Shed can install thermal panels to your roof and by connecting them to a thermal solar cylinder via a controller. During the hours of daylight, the suns energy is transferred into heat, which is stored in your hot water cylinder.

Using the best products available with a 96% efficiency and powered by a small PV operated pump, a thermal solar hot water system will provide up to 75% of all your hot water needs through-out the year with no running costs. It will even work during a power outage! 100% resilient and carbon neutral from the point of installation.

Expert installation and warranty from The Solar Shed

Once The Solar Shed have installed a solar thermal hot water heating system the expert advice and service doesn’t stop, our panels and cylinders carry a ten year warranty and all workmanship has a 1 year warranty.

Visit the Solar Shed and see a working system on a 15th Century Cottage, which provides a family of 5 with all their hot water needs, for the majority of the year

Recent legislation through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) means you can now get paid for generating your own heat.

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