Solar PV

Generating electricity from the suns power is not a new concept and as the world becomes more desperate in its thirst for energy, the costs of self-generating your own energy has dramatically reduced in recent years. The Solar Shed Ltd, based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk can supply and install Solar PV systems for domestic homes UK wide. By generating your own energy, you can greatly increase your own income; you make savings on your bills and get paid for exporting excess energy.

How has Solar PV developed

  • The first patent at the US Patents office for a cell that generates electricity was registered in the 1880’s!
  • NASA started the first use of Silicon Solar Cells in the 1950’s so they could power Satellites in space
  • As fossil fuel prices have increased, more investment has gone into the large scale manufacture of solar cells, hence making it as affordable as it is today.
  • Governments around the world have been giving incentives to encourage the take up of low carbon energy since President Carter introduced the first feed in tariff scheme in 1978.
  • The UK was the 68th country worldwide to introduce a cash back scheme (FITs) which rewards homeowners and business for generating electricity. Details of the UK’s scheme can be found here: We were also the last of the 27 EU members to do so..
  • Since the Worldwide introduction of feed in tariffs, solar PV prices have dropped over 75% since 2010.
  • In March 2019, the UK FiTs comes to an end for new entrants.

Why choose The Solar Shed Ltd

At The Solar Shed Ltd, we pride ourselves on fitting the best panels available. No choices other than the best available. Tens of testimonials and hundreds of monitored systems online. We will beat the performance of any standard system.

  • We can supply tracker systems that track the sun’s path which will provide up to 27% more energy than a fixed roof mounted system
  • For those who cannot or do not want panels on the house, we have a range of bespoke Solar Sheds, designed to maximise solar gain which can also be built to personal spec for other use (see examples here)
  • With over 1000 installations Nationwide, we have a solution for every home, from traditional ‘on-roof’ to modern and stylish ‘in-roof’ and garden mounted systems.
  • Our PV systems carry a 10 year workmanship warranty (optional extension to 20 years) and 25 year outstanding performance warranty
  • A full range of Solar enhancements are also available ranging from smart switching for hot water, monitoring, air-con and heating unit, intelligent boiler management units, voltage optimisation units and more. All of these items will enhance your energy usage, reduce your fossil fuel use and give a greater comfort to living standards.

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