Battery Storage

Being able to store solar energy has come a long way in recent years. With dozens of systems available, we will assess your needs and calculate a suitable system and size for you.

If you already use all the solar energy you make, spending money on battery storage systems will be of no benefit. But for most people who only use 30-40% of the solar energy they make during the day, adding a suitable storage system will more than double the savings you already make by extending your ‘solar day’ well into the evening and over-night.

Storage systems allow you to use the extra energy when the sun goes down. Some allow you to use the energy you have stored, during the day when there is not enough solar energy coming in from the panels and some systems can also back-up the house during a power-cut.  Some battery storage systems can be hard wired into essential circuits, so that even in the mid winter, life can continue near-normal, when the grid goes down.

Battery storage systems also come in many sizes so we can tailor the system to suit your individual needs. An example would be someone who has only got room for 8 panels (2kwp) doesn’t need a large battery bank. We can supply and fit a smaller battery bank and wire it back into individual circuits such as lighting only, or lighting and the main domestic ring so small items can run all day every day from solar and stored energy.

Our assurance to you is that we will propose the right solution for your needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution with storage systems.

Products include…. Samsung, LG, Solax, Victron, En Phase and Sofar (who have a 15kw storage system available)

* Off-Grid solutions are designed to personal spec.

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