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Commercial Solar installations have a lead time from order to completion of 4 – 26 weeks depending on size of project.

Feed in Tariff applications have to be accepted by your energy supplier before end of March 2019.

From point of installation, to point of the application being accepted, can take from 1- 4 weeks.

The Solar Shed Ltd will ONLY manage commercial installations within 40 miles of King’s Lynn until March 2019

All other enquiries will be passed to the most local associate within our network.

Normal service will be resumed in April 2019.

Solar Panels for commercial use

As businesses become more aware of the need to reduce costs, more and more are looking into renewable energy as a necessary expense saver. Solar is one such technology that has been tried and tested in countries all over the world. It stands to reason that companies, who use the majority of their energy during the day, stand to gain the most from a solar system or other renewable energy option.

Why businesses are choosing  Solar Power

That’s simple.  Most factories and large roof buildings are operational during the day.  Solar energy will provide free energy during the hours of daylight therefore reducing your costs and increasing your environmental credentials to your clients, your staff and to the community you serve.

Cost effective renewable energy for businesses

Some simple numbers….

A 30kw solar system, on an unshaded roof in the PE/NR/IP/CM/SO and CO postcodes (our core area of operations) will generate around 30,000kwh a yr.  If you currently spend 14p/kwh from your supplier and use all that energy, then your savings would be around £4,000 in energy costs.

A 50kw system will produce 50,000 (maybe more) and provide potential savings of  £6,500 a yr

Each time the energy company puts their prices up,  your savings increase accordingly.  We’ve assumed a 7% increase

Over 20 yrs, the total savings based on the above would look some like the table below.


30kw System 50kw System
Yr 1 Savings £4,043 £6,739
Yr 2 £4,296 £7,160
Yr 3 £4,564 £7,608
Yr 4 £4,850 £8,084
Yr 5 £5,153 £8,589
Yr 6 £5,475 £9,126
Yr 7 £5,817 £9,696
Yr 8 £6,181 £10,302
Yr 9 £6,567 £10,946
Yr 10 £6,978 £11,631
Yr 11 £7,414 £12,358
Yr 12 £7,878 £13,130
Yr 13 £8,370 £13,951
Yr 14 £8,893 £14,823
Yr 15 £9,449 £15,749
Yr 16 £10,040 £16,734
Yr 17 £10,668 £17,780
Yr 18 £11,334 £18,891
Yr 19 £12,043 £20,072
Yr 20 £12,796 £21,327
Total over 20 yrs £152,817 £254,697


This is money that you normally give to energy companies.  Money back into your business, massive carbon savings and a great testament to your commitment to the environment.

Your investment has always stayed the same but your returns on your investment increases inline with energy costs from traditional suppliers.  And as the panels will still be working in 35-40yrs from now the savings continue for DECADES!  Solar is not only a wise financial choice, it’s a legacy creator.

We have managed the supply and installation of commercial scale solar to the industrial and farming communities since 2010 with systems over 250kw in place. We have many public sector contracts in place and continuously expanding our client base. Our commercial installation teams have installed systems for EDF on a power station as well as The Environment Agency buildings in the South East.


The Solar Shed Ltd can provide large scale solar farms

It doesn’t have to just be roofs; the utilisation of land is also an option. Whilst we are firm believers that fields are for food, we will consider large scale solar farms for the right application. Ideal for sheep grazing and free range chickens. This also allows valuable land to recover from intensive farming and returned to farm use after the solar farm has done its work 40 yrs from now.

All contracts are handled in the strictest confidence and once agreed, completed by our in house engineers and fitting teams.

We have over 1MW of large scale systems in place in Norfolk with some clients taking energy bills from £1000 a month, to less than £1 a day in peak summer months. Testimonials and site visits available on request.


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