Solar Panels for commercial use

As businesses become more aware of the need to reduce costs, more and more are looking into renewable energy as both an expense saver and income generator. Solar is one such technology that has been tried and tested in countries all over the world. It stands to reason that companies, who use the majority of their energy during the day, stand to gain the most from a solar system or other renewable energy option.

Why businesses should choose Solar Power

Large scale solar will generate a large incomes under the current FiT schemes, guaranteed for 20 years, indexed linked to the RPI and also save you on your energy bills. This in turn will increase your green credentials to your client base and send out the message that you are prepared to assist in the fight against climate change whilst assisting the grid in what we are told are uncertain times. Businesses need energy and we can help and in turn, you will be rewarded. Your roof protects your asset’s, why not turn it into your biggest asset?

Cost effective renewable energy for businesses

Outright purchase options are always a better financial option, but for those companies that are asset rich and cash poor, then a Financed deal will be the solution for you. The financed deals are simple.

The savings and earnings you make are as close to the loan repayment as possible. This means that you are net balance equal in year 1. Your loan repayments stay the same throughout the term but as the payments for generating energy are index linked and the savings you make are linked to energy price increases, your return grows each year, usually seeing a net balance positive with 2-3 years. Once the loan is paid off all income from both the generation and savings are now pure profit. This could be as little at £4,000 – £5,000 per annum up to 100’s of 1,000’s of pounds for many years to come. This money can then be re-invested into the company through pensions, growth and expansion or whatever way you see fit.

We have managed the supply and fitting of commercial scale solar to industry and farming communities since 2009 with systems over 1MW in place. We have many public sector contracts in place and continuously expanding our client base. Our commercial installation teams have installed systems for EDF on a power station as well as The Environment Agency buildings in the South East,

The Solar Shed Ltd can provide large scale solar farms

It doesn’t have to just be roofs; the utilisation of land is also an option. Whilst we are firm believers that fields are for food, we will consider large scale solar farms for the right application. Ideal for sheep grazing and free range chickens. This also allows valuable land to recover from intensive farming and returned to farm use after the solar farm has done its work 20 yrs from now.

All of our products are the best performing for the UK climate. We will not compromise on quality just because the system is larger. Tracking systems can also be considered for those looking to maximise the potential of the Sun.
All contracts are handled in the strictest confidence and once agreed, completed by our in house engineers and fitting teams.

We have over 1MW of large scale systems in place in Norfolk with some clients taking energy bills from £1000 a month, to a £1 a day in peak summer months.




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