Subsidy FREE Solar is here!

As a business, we have to be able to demonstrate that next April, when the last of the feed in tariff applications have been processed, solar energy systems are just as much a benefit as they always have been, in a Post-FiTs era.

Earlier this year, we had an opportunity to remove a tree which had cast a shadow for the best part of the day on our house.  It was also shading the thermal solar system of late so removing it cleared that shade and exposed the house roof. This allowed to have our House solar installed, after years of planning…

This blog will be focusing on the early findings regarding our energy use and finances associated with energy due to the installation our Home Energy System.

We live a big old house.  When we moved,  it was two households into one. Five people, Three generations and lots of rooms.  We decided we wanted to grow our own food, generate our own power, collect our own water and live a fairly minimalist lifestyle with regards to our thoughts on climate change, the oil wars and the dirty politics that goes with it.  We wanted to do our bit.  We had the thermal hot water solar system in the days before any financial incentives were around and have saved 00’s of litres, if not 000’s on heating oil.  Our boiler hardly ever comes on for the hot water. Day after day, week  after week and month after month.  11 Yrs,  no heating oil (hardly)  for baths, showers, washing, cleaning etc….

Our Total energy costs with regards to electricity were around £80 a month and we were a few quid in debit and were just about to re-price when we have the solar pv fitted at the end of May this year.  As well as the solar,  we also had a very large battery system fitted.  And yes,  we’ve been keeping data….  It’s also great to be able to show potential clients the actual hardware rather than pretty pictures in a sale brochure.  Our clients get the chance to see first hand how living with solar and storage works.

We have not and will not be applying for the feed in tariff for this system. The house is old and regardless of the measure we have taken to improve the EPC, it was so low it was hardly worth the time and processing for what we are entitled to.  And, like i said, i need to demonstrate next yr that solar is as good today as it ever was, without a FiT…..

In a nutshell,  since 4th June 2018 when the monitoring went live, to today, 1st December 2018 we have imported 684 kwh of electricity. That’s the energy that comes in from the grid.  We pay 15.5p / kwh from our energy supplier.  The total costs since June 4th are £106.02p   That’s almost 6 months energy cost….  £17 a month!   And this includes all of our motoring costs, well the fuel for the Nissan Leaf,  as we fill up for free with solar! Well we did, until the clocks went back.  We’re charging the Leaf up down the workshop over winter, it’s solar assisted with a 2kw pv system.  We’re trying to consume as much as we can for the house, first and foremost.

Due to the large capacity battery we think we will be able to use around 90% of the total energy produced once we get into it more……  The value of the electricity that goes into the car is more valuable to us in financial terms as the alternative is diesel.  And that was over £140 a month alone pre EV.

In total,  we are looking at generating around 4900kwh a year from the new solar system and using almost all of it.  That’s based on our generation of 2440kwh from 4th June – 1st December

Now depending on your current unit rate from your supplier, depends on your savings….. so examples would be as follows

At 15p a kwh the savings would be £683 a yr, rising each time energy prices go up.

at 17p a kwh the savings would be £749 a yr

at 19p a kwh the saving would £837 a yr

And as energy prices go up every 6 months or so,  our saving get bigger accordingly…   It is rather satisfying driving an EV that has filled up for free with solar.  Or switching the lights on of an evening and know the energy is coming from the battery storage system.  And if there is a powercut, the boiler still works,  the lights still work and we can communicate with the outside world, for days on end….

Our carbon contribution to the Planet has been drastically cut,  our monthly outgoings reduced substantially and as a result there is less chance of the Nation entering another Oil War and a few penguins might, just might get to stay where they belong and not float down the coast on lumps of ice that have broken off of the ice sheet…

Whatever reasons you do solar for, the benefits are all the same. Cheaper, cleaner fuel and more money in your pocket whilst creating a better environment for all.

We look forward to hearing from you soon…..