The back story.

If you’ve only just found us, then welcome.  We sell solar,  from a shed.  Well, that’s the way we explain what we do in simple terms….  But in reality, what we actually do is design personalised energy saving and generation systems.  And we arrange for the installation of Solar Energy and Battery Storage Systems on Houses, factories, schools, shopping centres, warehouses, barns, and anywhere else where a roof is hiding a dirty great big energy bill.

And we do it all from a  shed at the bottom of the garden.

Well, it’s a 200 yr old brick built fisherman’s shed on the banks of the River Great Ouse in Norfolk. We moved here in 2004 with the same dreams of all families who migrate from the Cities in search of rural idyll.  A better life for the children, a place where all three generations could live under one roof, a place to grow food and maybe one day become self-sufficient.  Well that was the dream.  And to a certain extent, 14 yrs later, we’re almost there.  Probably never 100% self sufficient, but we could survive a Zombie Apocalypse or sudden climate shock.  Power cuts do not concern us although we are connected to the grid.

Our 1st solar system came in 2009.  It was designed to heat the water in our cylinder in the airing cupboard. We use a lot of hot water.  We went for solar thermal.  It does what it says on the tin. Quite a clever system where the pump is operated by a small PV panel that generates electricity. It works in a power cut and doesn’t cost anything to run. It’s carbon neutral from the point of installation.   It provides enough hot water so we don’t use the boiler other than when we need the heating on in the house.  For months and months, every year, we don’t use any traditional methods to heat our water.  Even on the coldest days, which can also be the brightest in mid winter, we can still get the tank temperature up to 50 degree ish, so when the boiler does come on, it doesn’t have to work very hard to bring the water up to the desired setting.  We’ve saved a few tanks of oil over the last 10 yrs, no idea how much in money as the price changes so much. One minute it’s 30p/ltr  and the next it’s 70p!  Price volatility usually coincides with crappy news from the Middle East and it gives great satisfaction and we use less and less oil each year.

So, not long after we had the thermal solar fitted i started inviting clients back to the house to have a look.  We had a large man-cave at the bottom of the garden, so i put a kettle in, made it a bit more homely and started bringing lots of customers back.  Our customers were seeing the products they were buying before purchase decisions were made. And as we only ever sell the products we want for our own home,  it seemed like a natural progression to base the whole business from the Shed.

The Shed had been a business before we moved in.  A carpet company was operating from the shed prior to us moving in.  The bloke still works now, from a van, much as i am doing on the markets etc…  The shed seems to have helped a few family businesses over the years. Back in the day, it was the centre of the Village fishing industry, where several families worked feeding the village with daily catches from the incoming tide on the River.  We still have the old slipway in the garden giving access to the riverbank that borders the garden.   The whole concept of The Solar Shed Ltd, as a company is to provide as personal a service as we possibly can. To demonstrate that renewable energy technologies, and solar power in particular can be Incorporated into our lives as seamless as the internet is seen today.  We all need energy.  Energy to live, to clean, to cook, to play, to relax, to do just about everything….. we need energy. And mother nature can provide.  We just need to harness it, as the fishermen did yesteryear.

Here at The Solar Shed we have a Thermal Solar System that provides the hot water.  We have a grid tied 2kw PV system, installed in 2011, that provides the business with 60% of it’s energy requirements.  The House has a 4kw solar pv system and 10kw battery store. This system will provide the same amount of energy as we consume in a calendar year.  When i start to get the hang of this blogging lark, I’ll be more specific with the products i have used and why.  There are so many battery systems and solar manufacturers it can be a confusing subject and that’s why we exist.  To show you, first hand the benefits,  how things are wired or plumbed,  how things are fixed onto roofs and what options are available if your roof is unsuitable….  We innovate, we design and believe we can solar-power just about anything you care to mention…..

If you would like to see for yourself, why not book a visit.  Coffee is always on.

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