The Solar Shed

Water harvesting tanks and systems

Excellent selection of high quality water harvesting butts and tubs for sale. Not your usual garden centre type. Made from medium density polyethylene and many that can be filtered for domestic use. Large scale storage solutions for the thirsty garden. All water butts are made to personal spec.

Any colour, virtually any shape, any finish. Not off the shelf! Butts can come supplied with pumps and hoses so no more heavy lifting of watering cans.

Becoming water wise with Solar Shed

Visit The Solar Shed to see a good range of water butts and storage options. All fitted for use with working pumps and irrigation systems.

All Water Butts are priced to individual specification, but traditionally range from £120.00 through to £800.00

Delivery costs dependant on Location, UK wide.

A fitting service is available.

So far this year our customers have saved: 29109 Penguins

1 Thermal Solar System = 2 Penguins

8 Panel 2kw PV Solar System = 1 Penguin

* We haven't really saved any penguins, but every system we install helps to stop all the ice from melting!